All About TrainGo App

TrainGo was founded on the idea that training on the go shouldn’t be any harder than it already is and that the best fitness solutions should be tailored to you. That’s why we offer exercise solutions for the busy professional, where you able to find, book and pay for any of your specific fitness needs, whenever, wherever is best for you without any memberships or subscriptions.

Features Of TrainGo App


Your fitness should not be dependent upon your current trainer’s availability. TrainGo gives you the freedom to workout whenever works for you and connects you with a vast network of gyms, classes, and trainers to choose from.

Everything in One Place

TrainGo thinks all of your effort should directed towards getting in your best workout, which is why we offer an effortless booking service, as simple as finding, booking and paying for your workout all in one place.

No Strings Attached

With TrainGo there is no subscription or membership fee, we offer a no strings attached a la carte fitness solution that gives you the freedom to pick and choose the services that work best for you.

Track Your Progress

TrainGo offers the ability to track your journey to better health through its Progress Tracking feature as well as share that progress with the trainers who have helped you along the way to keep you motivated to achieve your goals and give personalized health tips.

Workout Wherever You Are

TrainGo knows life can be hectic and it’s not always easy to find the time for your next workout let alone an available trainer, which is why we offer you access to booking services nationwide. TrainGo is currently based out of Washington, DC but is expanding to a city near you soon!

Working With TrainGo

TrainGo connects Users to Gyms and Trainers in the area and that’s good for your business. We help you to market your business to reach a greater audience of clientele that are looking for your convenient fitness options.

Stay In Touch

We’ll keep you update with TrainGo announcements, studio openings, exclusive content and more!

TrainGo is continuing to expand and will be coming your city soon.